Teams that work together, should totally have fun together. If a team has a strong bond amongst themselves, they are able to achieve their shared goals in a better way. To ease out the hesitation within the team, Sedenius technologies arranged a one-day hike to Tolipeer, Azaad Kashmir.

Team building games are so important for the entire office vibe and also boost team engagement and build work relationships. We learn about each other's weaknesses and strengths out of the working environment.  The traveling was fun, and the interactive experience had the team roaring with laughter while teaching them useful communication and soft skills, like focus and trust.

The whole team first hiked to the top. Everyone worked together to get the food ready. The team had a BBQ there. This activity did a great job of boosting up the team's morale and instill a sense of teamwork.

Team building activities are a constant in Sedenius Technologies. The shared memories of fun activities and spending time together out of the monotonous office routine, help us see each other differently than we do in our assigned roles at work.  We are often surprised by who takes on leadership roles by hidden talents, by who takes on the grunt work. Those in supporting roles at the office reveal their leadership skills.  Leaders learn to step back and let someone else shine.

And we have a blast.