C++ Developers, Assemble!

Do you know we have a very talented group of the mightiest heroes of C++ developers at ST? We are ninjas of the skill that is considered the mother of all skills in modern computer science: development in C++. We are as robust and unbreakable as the code we write! Are you a C++ hero too? If so, we would love to share with you what is it that makes us so good at what we do.

On the lookout for your dream job?
Are you looking for a more focused technical professional experience? Do you think you have what it takes to offer a concentrated skill set to projects that keep developers on the edge of their seats till the deadline? It is pretty important that you as an applicant are fully aware of the technical experience your dream company will be offering to you.

This awareness is especially necessary when finding your first job as that sets the foundation for your future career path. Applicants seldom consider the tech stack that they would like their dream company to have. Add to that the limited information organizations provide to applicants about what technologies they work on, which creates the gap between organizations and applicants. This is an important factor to consider especially in the fast-paced field of Computer Science.

We’re here to tell you what we do best, and that we do it considerably well. We work on C++ for ADAS Applications, which a few companies in the tech ecosystem of Islamabad are working on.

How important is C/C++ for Developers
C++ is widely used among the computer programming fraternity mainly in the application domain. It contains the functionalities of a core language providing all the required building blocks including variables, data types, literals, etc. It supports object-oriented programming including features like Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation, and Abstraction. These concepts make the C++ language robust, reusable and maintainable. 

Good development training begins with developers practising hands-on C++. Why is C++ so crucial for building a strong programming foundation? Here’s what you need to know:

  • It is easy to learn, as it is a pure concept-based language
  • Its syntax is very simple, so it’s easy to write
  • Errors can be easily replicated 
  • It is useful for low-level programming applications 
  • It is very efficient for general-purpose applications 
  • It gives the user complete control over memory management.
  • It is scalable so resource intensive are usually built with it
  • It is a statically written language, so it is more performant than dynamically written languages like Python and Javascript because the code is type-checked before it is executed.

It is often the case that most developers try to stick with C++ in their careers for the long term only because of its wide variety of usage and compatibility with multiple platforms and software. That is the reason why C++ is used in labour-intensive applications like finance, video games, high-performance embedded and real-time systems, transportation, manufacturing, and other industries where determinism and precision are important.

It is tough to be an Autonomous Vehicle Engineer – So what do we work on at ST?
Building an autonomous vehicle is complex. Whether an engineer is retrofitting an existing vehicle for autonomy or building an autonomous vehicle from scratch, there’s a lot of work to be done. Not only do they need to program over 250 million lines of code on the hardware in the vehicle, but they also need to navigate all the programs, tools, and platforms to develop, deploy, optimize, and manage the autonomous vehicle software and hardware.

At ST, we make toolchains for sensor data visualization and validation that run predominantly on Linux (occasionally on Windows) and run by dedicated hardware components usually placed on the boot of the autonomous vehicles. We also work on C++ For Embedded Applications such as handheld devices running Embedded Linux and FreeRTOS. It is however important to note that we do not on C++ for ADAS-Embedded Applications i.e., We don't code the ECUs fitted inside a production automotive. Here are the tools that we work on.

Since automotive software is a classic example of resource intensiveness, C++ is used to develop systems that makeup Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems. C++ is a language that is used everywhere but mainly in systems programming and embedded systems. Here system programming means developing the operating systems or drivers that interface with Hardware. Embedded system means things that are automobiles, robotics, and appliances.

The first choice of any autonomous vehicle engineer is the Linux operating system. Linux does not come with unnecessary bloatware and it also has a large community of open-source developers and tools.

Python is very popular with autonomous vehicle engineers because there are comprehensive libraries for math, science, data visualization, machine learning, AI, deep learning, etc. However, the disadvantage of Python is that it’s a large, compiled language. This makes it unsuitable for very high-performance applications and can eat up memory.

Autonomous vehicles are big-wheeled robots that need to be programmed. Robots are programmed using a combination of software libraries specifically designed for robot development called ROS or Robot Operating System. This tool makes developing autonomous vehicles significantly easier. ROS runs on the Linux-based operating system Ubuntu and programming is done using C++ or Python.

  • So are you an aspiring C++ ninja? Here’s what we offer:
  • Experience in working with ADAS software 
  • Chance to work with Europe-based automotive industry professionals 
  • Work on Embedded tools and software 
  • Chance to collaborate with on-site and offshore teams 
  • Agile Development Methodologies
  • Focused and directed work within the Autonomous Automotive Industry
  • Growth in career path 
  • Individual Training and Certifications

Why join us? 
If you’re reading this, you’re probably a very amazing C++ superhero yourself who is more than ready to join us. While working with ST in C/C++, the spectrum of your technical as well as interpersonal skills will be commendable. Your technical foundations are guaranteed to be strong and the variety and quantity of your knowledge will be improved to such a level that you will not help but stand out in terms of technical expertise amid a generic pool of C/C++ developers who have either similar or even greater experience in other companies.

Do you think your skills and career objectives align with ST’s core competencies of working in hardcore C/C++ applications? Then what are you waiting for? Visit https://pk.sedenius.com/career/ and check out which job opening you are suitable for and apply now! We are eagerly waiting for you to join us!