Team Mate Success Story

At Sedenius Technologies, we believe in rising together and while doing that we take our teammates with us to newer heights. Just like Sedenius Technologies has come a long way by achieving notable milestones on its way since 2018, our teammates have also climbed the career ladder along with us. Ammar Mashood began his career journey with us as a UI/UX Engineer right after he graduated from FAST-NUCES Islamabad Campus back in 2019 and has been with us ever since. He is one of the oldest team members at Sedenius Technologies and has not only proven his mettle as a polished designer but also slipped in his efforts in administrative roles for support whenever necessary as we were making the best use of the talent we had back then.

“When you are graduating,” said Ammar, “the majority of us just want a job, whatever it is. My decision to join ST involved just two things; I would only take up a design role and, second, the first company that gives me an offer letter in this role, I'll join it. It was blind faith in Allah SWT and that ended up pretty well. It was located really close to my place back then, offering a start-up culture, which meant that I'd end up learning a lot of new things, and then, being one of the first 5 hires of the company meant that one might get a chance to be in a managerial position sooner than others. Guess, what I am now!”

In July 2020, taking into consideration the need of the moment and embracing his own willingness to grow, Ammar took up the responsibilities of a Testing Engineer in addition to the UI/UX-related tasks that he already had. With time and exposure to leading teams towards performance-driven results, Ammar realized that he can add more value to the team in the role of a Scrum Master. Keeping in view his interests and future goals, we are now assisting him in becoming a Scrum Master. He has recently been posted as Associate Scrum Master in May 2022, after a course of learning and certifications. Now, he is leading and managing development teams toward achieving project goals effectively. He has proven himself worthy of the title and hence we look forward to gaining more milestones along with his expertise on our side.

“Before Scrum Master,” added Ammar, “I had experience in a couple of roles where I had to lead. It was something I really enjoyed and excelled at too. The reason I excelled at it was that I have captained Football Teams at School, College, and University levels and it's something that I have been learning along the way, how to manage big teams. I was and still am a User Experience person, I use my empathy skills with the team to get the best out of them and I always try to protect them. At the end of the day, all I want is for my teams, POs, and the customers to have the best experience overall.”

Over this time, he has managed to emerge as the team’s go-to person for any sort of help or consultation and his attitude to go out of the way to help others has made him stand out among his peers.

When asked to comment on his experience with ST so far, Ammar said, 

“I have heard people say that your co-workers can never be your friends, but my experience was truly different. I have made great friendships here, even with the ones who have moved on to other companies. Personally, one thing I like the most is that you are heard. Even though things may not go 100% the way you wanted them to, you do get listened to.”

“About my future,” he continued, “in all honesty, I am not a planner. I don't try to foresee things. I enjoy the place where I am and just look forward to where it will take me.”

We are thrilled to have a key team player like Ammar on our team and appreciate his dedication to the organization by recognizing his efforts and sharing his stories to inspire our teammates and most of all you!