To New Beginnings

Do you have standing desks at your workplace? Or home office? No? Looks like we beat you to it. Sedenius Technologies just moved into our new office and we can’t help but flex one of the most awesome features a workplace can have: Height adjustable desks! These desks offer a health-friendly work mode for our teammates. Read along as we share our story of new beginnings.

In the summer of 2021, after a long and hard planning duration that started back in early 2021, Sedenius Technologies stepped into the new facility that is located in the picturesque Gulberg Greens, Islamabad. By this time, we had scaled up to almost 35 team members and were planning to get on board more members during the later part of the year. A bigger team needed a bigger office and hence, the Gulberg Green facility proved to be just the right solution for our team.

Located in the heart of the rising hub of technology in Islamabad - Gulberg Greens, our new office enjoys a prime location on the Islamabad Highway that can be reached easily from Islamabad and Rawalpindi alike.

With a space as big as 7000ft2, the new facility is designed to keep in mind the comfort and productivity of our teammates who are equal stakeholders in the success of Sedenius Technologies from day one. The new space offers spacious halls and dedicated focus rooms for workplace activities such as development, meetings and huddles and recreation.

Ambient lighting is something we are very keen to provide to our team, and therefore our facility is bordered by full ceiling-to-floor glass windows that offer a panoramic view of the scenic beauty of Islamabad.

More than 50% of the facility offers seamless and interactive space by eliminating any physical barriers that would create knowledge silos. These spaces include a development area (aka the Dev area) – a large hall with a capacity to host over ___ desks, air-conditioned and carpeted for the comfort of teammates. These areas require shoe-less mobility and hence ensure cleanliness and sound-proof communication.

Our new facility is making sure that there is no room for knowledge silos and information flows smoothly between teammates within the office as well as those offshore. Meeting and focus rooms with glass walls offer sound-based segregation to provide a seamless environment for meetings and in-focus discussions.

What’s an office without a kitchen and some area to snack up and have good conversations? Exactly, we’re getting there. Moreover, we have lockers installed for each one of our team members for the safekeeping of their personal belongings. We’ve set up a full-fledged kitchen equipped with the necessary electronics and culinary amenities such as a coffee maker, refrigerator and microwave and groceries that are refilled periodically.

To facilitate our teammates with a knack for sports and fitness we have separate recreational areas for table tennis and games and a dedicated gym. Did you know we have a separate female common room for our female teammates to unwind and even nap while lunch breaks? Our female teammates find it suitable for prayer and lunch activities.

Change in the environment is scientifically proven to be healthy and beneficial for the individual as well as collective growth. That’s why our new office is proving to be a place where our teammates feel a rejuvenation in perspective and a boost in productivity. So, be it as an aspiring teammate or a client, we look forward to hosting you at our new hustling facility!

Want to see more of the facility? Here’s a sneak peak into our new office, enjoy: