Sedenius just got FANCIER!

The office got a bit fancier when 50 LED screens arrived last Friday. The idea of multiple screens for each desk was added to the Wishlist a couple of weeks before. Sedenius has got a Wishlist where anyone can add any idea for the office. If an idea guarantees to be effective and efficient and gets maximum votes, it is practically implemented in Sedenius Technologies in no time.

Average productivity has increased greatly using multiple displays, since everyone has greater working space now. Our designers and developers have a type of workflow that involves using multiple programs at any given time. Flipping back and forth between Photoshop and Illustrator, or maybe between IDE, Internet browser and FTP application was always tedious. Having a second screen has made this juggling act much less painful and more productive.

Sedenius has surely found the key setup that is working well for Everyone. Cheers.